Mindset Expert Michaelson Williams Let talk about mindset

Michaelson Williams is the Founder and Creative Director of Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange (GPCE) and the Goal Phoenix Crypto token project. The idea of creating a place where people can assure their success has been a lifelong goal of his. This goal-achievement cryptocurrency project pushes to solve a problem that plagues most of America, and people around the globe. How do people accomplish their set-goals when there is a 92% chance that they will fail?

Michaelson’s paid goal achievement concept began back in 2007 with his “Cash4Goals” project. Because blockchain and cryptocurrency wasn’t created at that time the model of payment for Successful Goal Achievement was sluggish at best. We tested the idea in 2010, but needed more data to bring the full concept to market. After seeing how many people were failing at their set-goals, we understood the importance of moving the project forward. Now here in 2022 we are pushing to bring Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange and the cryptocurrency that drives this project to the entire world. Michaelson came to the realization that Mass Goal Achievement was more important than ever, as the power of the people was shrinking drastically. The GPCE crypto project is here to facilitate successful goal achievement, while at the same time making it possible for people to change their life and communities. Come Join Us On This Journey!

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