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The GOAL PHOENIX AND GOAL  PHOENIX CRYPTO-EXCHANGE business model builds on the proven models of social media platforms like (read.cash, publishOx, minds.com, etc.). The success of the GOAL PHOENIX CRYPTO-EXCHANGE platform, powered by (GPC) token model depends on the number of registered users and their transactions. After the initial boost, created by the GOAL PHOENIX (GPC) token sale, we will be leveraging the networking effect, as the users and communities bring their goal achievement supporters and others to the platform. We will be counting on the incredible numbers of people who feed off the idea of other people taking on challenges. There has been many television shows which have created enormous successes from the same premise, and we will too.

Based on the analysis of these models, we chose to implement a small 2.5% or less fee on all platform transactions as the primary source of revenue, which we expect a $4.6 ARPU Average Revenue Per User. We should reach the break-even mark at around 2.02 million user transactions in the forth quarter of 2023. This is based upon growth stats seen on other crypto platforms, one being read.cash.


The GOAL PHOENIX CRYPTO-EXCHANGE mobil support apps will bring new eyes to the platform. Free mobil apps are a great tool to getting people to engage with goal-success games and tips that work for them. The mobil apps industries are continually growing as the number of downloads rise. The reason why we are building mobil apps to go alongside the platform is to assure users stay engaged with their success, no matter what their goals. We are in the developmental stages of apps that cover a wide array of skill sets, all focused on the increased success of each and every user of the GOAL PHOENIX CRYPTO-EXCHANGE platform. Advertisers will be invited to advertise on the apps but only after a review phase of their products and how they engage with app users. Advertisers must be fully vested in the success of the people using the created app/s.