Inherent Whale Manipulation Protect

Protection From Whale Manipulation

We found that there is no way to truly add protection from Whales manipulating the crypto market within a Smart Contract, so we added it through the psychology of the Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange system. It’s actually pretty simple too…

Here’s how it works… Whales/Uber-wealthy investors are accustom to the idea that they are set apart, even worth more than the Average Joe and Jill, scraping to make ends meat. Not all rich people think this way, but most develop this psychology over time. Being at the top of the food chain affords opportunities the average person will never see in their entire lifespan. The Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange project was built for the average person to have the same opportunities as the already ultra rich.

When Whales try to over invest in the Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC), by default users of Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange and other holders of the (GPC) token benefit. On the other hand, if the Whales stay away from (GPC) altogether it leaves more tokens to be scooped up by people who are setting goals and trading their goal-achievements. Sure as the (GPC) token grows in price Whales will be more tempted to invest in the cryptocurrency, but their efforts to control the market will only boost the results of token holders.

As you probably know and understand by now Successful Goal-Achievement over time leads to living a better life. People who achieve more instead of fail are happier, and live better. Trading successful goal-achievement allows most anyone to win at life on so many fronts, psychologically, financially, socially, and on and on. The bottom line is Whales invest in (GPC) You Win. Whales don’t invest in (GPC) You Win. (GPC) token price increases You Win. Trade successful goal-achievements You Win. Even if you do none of these and only buy Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC) for its store of value You Win, because you’ll be investing in other people’s Successful Goal-Achievements.

The Playing Field Just Got Leveled