Goal Phoenix Crypto Survey
Help Us To Track Goal Achievement
This survey is to help us capture the most accurate data on goal setting, and goal achievement. We will be using the data captured here to help give people the tools for making better success focused decisions in their life. We capture this data with full transparency to our users, and never sell the information to company's who use this type of day to coheres people into buying products they don't really need, etc. Thank You For Participating!

Do you set mental goals?*

Do you think of goal-setting as positive and helpful to your success?*

Do you set goals which you believe are within your reach?*

How often do you write your goals down on paper?*

If you do write your goals down, how often do you review your written goals?*

Do you include family or other people in your goal-setting process?*

Do you feel extra pressure or anxiety when setting your goals?*

If there was a guaranteed means for you to accomplish every goal would you take full advantage of it?*

How often are your goals centered around an increase in money?*

Are you male or female?*

From this list of top 20 goals for 2022 choose your top three. *

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