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What Ultimately Is The Vision Of Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange?

The ultimate vision of Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange is to create and cultivate a growing number of individuals who are fixated on creating a success driven mindset, through every goal achievement. It is to harness the power of goal-setting, and goal-achievement as a valid way for people to taste “True Success” through their valiant efforts. To disconnect the goal-failure rate of the populous so that it is replaced with greater achievement. Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange (GPCE) has the ability to level the playing field between the ultra rich and the less fortunate by placing power of achievement in the hands of those who so choose. This power is generated by setting up traded achieved personal, business, team, family, community, etc. goals for Goal Phoenix (GPC) cryptocurrency on an exchange. As a result individuals and group successes will in time naturally boost economies globally.

Why Does The World Need (GPCE) and (GPC) In Your Personal Experience?

To this point the self-development systems in place isn’t doing its job. “Guru’s” are filling peoples heads with delusions of grandeur while filling their pockets, off people who cannot gain sustainable success via set-goal achievement. In other words, preaching goal-setting as a key to success is futile, when so many people continue to fail as a result. The world needs more than 8% of the goal-setting population to be successful for there to be real economic change. If we can boost this 8% a few degrees each year, a chain reaction will occur raising all ships. GPC will be known as the driving force for successful goal achievement around the world. As people become more adapt to success they will naturally move to help others and this mindset will move like a wild fire.

How Will The World Be Different In 10 To 15 Years When Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange Succeeds?

As I hinted previously, the world changes because people change. People who experience greater success have no choice but to feel differently. Trading success with (GPC) tokens will become a natural occurrence that more and more people will look forward to doing daily. People will watch their goals and achievements trade in the marketplace much like commodities on the stock market, only better. Individuals and groups will share their success stories and that will give hope to those who don’t feel hopeful. Those who don’t believe in their ability to achieve their set-goals will be changed. People will begin to drive better cars, live in better homes, and build better communities. The success of GPCE as a social platform and (GPC) as the driving force, will dictate that people spend more time with each other, as happier people do this naturally. Millions of lives will be transformed due to one small idea.

What Makes You And Your Team Qualified To Take On A Project Like This?

I’m a future oriented thinker and had to wait over a decade for blockchain technology to catch up to this idea. I continue to spend countless hours refining and cultivating the Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange platform and token rewards system. I am no stranger to the psychological toll failure can have on a person. Overcoming many of life’s bumps in the road lead me to researching and authoring books around “True Success” since 2007. To this day my “True Success” model seems to be the driving force in my life. I often ask myself, what is my purpose in life? I’ll tell you this, “My purpose is to help maximize people’s ability to achieve ‘True Success”. I do this through systems of achievable steps which lead you toward your version of “True Success”, naturally. These steps of success or “True Success” as I say are difficult to backtrack on, by the mind.

With my knowledge of human thinking and behavioral psychology I plan to empower as many people as possible in successful goal-achievement. This empowerment allows people to control their life with little motivation from outside sources. My goal is to show people that self-motivation is the foundation tool needed for “True Success”. Development of the GPCE cryptocurrency allows people to self-motivate through a series of small but definitive wins. These wins will allow a persons mind to move forward into another achievement and so on. A mind which continues to walk on a path of achievement cannot fail in the long run. With the number of years researching and observing this space me and the team that I’m building seem to be the best option for this type of project.

Getting to work on such a high importance project like this will not be easy. The people who are working on this project have already found a certain level of success in life. The team will already possess tendencies of the “True Success Mindset” and a disconnect from failure-programming. The people working alongside me will be extremely positive, but still have an understanding that the world isn’t all apple pie and daffodils. We understand that there is work to be done and that the challenge is on our shoulders..

Why Will This Project Be A Success?

This project will be a success because its entire premise is built around a success driven outcome. The whole idea of positive goal-attainment relies on the success of the project. Yes, it is the goal of me and the team being built to be successful in delivering this project. This project goes beyond a whitepaper. It’s personal. The project is based upon first hand and real world experiences, research, and solution based thinking that spans well over two decades. I realized this project had legs to run on and would be successful long ago. The timing just wasn’t right for a project of this magnitude to be launched more than a decade ago. In addition my failures had to teach me something. My failures had to teach me how to be successful in bringing this idea to a population that was looking for it, and needed it. The data shows that this is the exact time to launch this project and with a 92% current goal-failure rate, the sooner the better.