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Using the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange (GPCE) To Set A Precedent For Goal Achievement beyond The Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC).

Goal Phoenix (GPC) token trading isn’t just good for goal-achievement, it also works as the catalyst for effective goal-setting. Users exchange their goal-achievement plans and the crypto trading individuals within and outside of the community begins trading. Think of this type of trading like tipping for submitting a plan of action or work proposal. Trading Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC) on the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange is a bit different from trading Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC) on other exchanges. Anyone can trade Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC) on a listing exchange like Kucoin, Pancakeswap, or Uniswap, but when trading on the Goal Digger Crypto-Exchange GPCE platform you’ll be trading your personal goal achievements.

Example #1: if Beth wants to achieve buying a new bed, walking 5 miles per day for a month, or purchasing a house, she would submit her goal-achievement plan to the platform, and individuals on the platform can exchange (GPC) for her plan. Beth’s actions toward reaching her set-goal becomes the reason the community tips her Goal Phoenix (GPC’s) cryptocurrency.

Example #2: Bill runs a small coffee shop and set a goal to employ three new people in the next six months. He submits his plan of action and goal to the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange (GPCE) platform, updates his actions toward reaching his goal and community members choose how much (GPC) cryptocurrency they want to gift him. The amazing thing is, the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange (GPCE) subsequently builds economic growth through the deliberate success of other people.

Example 3: Robert owns a farm and wishes to implement a goal achievement plan which allows him to bring sustainable chemical free food to his local community. Robert submits his plan to the Goal Phoenix CryptoExchange and begins working towards his goal. The (GPCE) community weighs in by tipping Robert for each step in his success process. Robert is also motivated by receiving (GPC) tokens from the exchange admins to help fund his project. Robert is also holding (GPC) tokens in his personal crypto wallet, which is growing as more people adopt the idea of personal successful goal achievement trading. Robert realizes that being a farmer means much more than owning land and farming it. It means that he can help move the agricultural industry further from Government control and into the hands of other farmer’s and people alike. Robert realizes there is power in the ability to own land that provides harmless food to his community. This gives Robert a renewed sense of the importance of true farm to table and healthy living for his family and community.

Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange (GPCE) trading is the ultimate Pay-It-Forward program by default. Every time the percentage of goals reached increases so does the number of people interacting with the growing economy. As a result more and more people begin to win at life through successful goal achievement, and a wave of positivity and hope will spread globally.

People want to achieve goals so they can provide a better life for themselves and others around them. The Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange (GPCE) trading opportunity creates abundance like a positive wave lifting all ships from the sandbars where they lay. GPCE also shows people that not all goals of achievement have to be centered around business, entrepreneurship, and weight loss. If there is an achievement to be had Goal Phoenix (GPC) and the social platform Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange will facilitate its successfulness.

There is a fringe idea that the achievement of goals will not make you happy. Dr. Ben-Shahar calls this the “arrival fallacy”. From what we can tell about his theory is goal-attainment only leads to short-term joy. Why is this important? We found this information important because if goal-attainment joy cannot be sustained, goal achievement becomes more difficult for the mind.

For people who do not experience happiness and joy through reaching their set-goals, there must be something else to hold their attention. This is why the GPCE trading community interaction is so important. Interaction with the trading communities create a sense of social purpose, which goes beyond trading goal-achievement for Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC) tokens. Each time the feelings of happiness and joy subsides a new action replaces it when community or token moves in the users favor.

When it all boils down to it, it won’t matter how long the goal-achievement keeps platform users happy. The idea is to keep all users of the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange platform moving toward their ultimate joy. The ultimate joy almost never has anything to do with money, and will not have much to do with the acquiring of (GPCE) tokens, for many. The important part of the Goal Phoenix Crypto-Exchange experience comes as a result of successfully stepping through the goal-achievement process. So it’s not important whether we agree or disagree with Dr. Ben-Shahar. The importance lies in the purpose of the goal and the created sustainability of the process. This is what will lead to capturing what goals each person on the platform deems credible and worth seeking in their life. Like money Goal Phoenix Cryptocurrency (GPC’s) are just a tool or vehicle to get a person from non goal-achievement to successful goal-achievement.

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